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    10 Things to do in Istanbul

    Best things to do in Istanbul Whirling Dervishes The Whirling Dervishes may look like a tourist attraction, but it’s an actual worship service of Mevlana’s followers. During the ceremony the Dervishes become a bridge between God and humans through a prayer-induced trance. Although high on many visitor’s Istanbul to-do-list, people often had to skip it in the […]

    Why Should You Use A Travel Agent

    It’s so easy to hop online and book your trips. However when you hop online you may be missing out on all the Free Value a travel agent can provide. Yes, that’s right. It’s free to use an agent! Save You Time– Time is Money. When you use an agent you save yourself time from […]


    visit Canakkale IZMIR EPH DENIZILI PAMUKALE Cappadocia ANKARA ISTANBUL Accommodation in 4 Star Hotels in: Canakale (1 night), Izmir (1 night), Pamukale (1 night), Cappadocia (2 nets), Istanbul (2 nights) DAY 1 Departure from Tirana at 22:00 (1 day before departure date) Departure from Durres at 21:00, (1 day before departure date) Departure from Elbasan […]