Accommodation in 4 Star Hotels in:
Canakale (1 night),
Izmir (1 night),
Pamukale (1 night),
Cappadocia (2 nets),
Istanbul (2 nights)

Departure from Tirana at 22:00 (1 day before departure date)
Departure from Durres at 21:00, (1 day before departure date)
Departure from Elbasan at 21:00, (1 day before departure date)
Departure from Kavajara at 20:30, (1 day before the departure date)

* We continue the journey towards Turkey, describing the itinerary Skopje, Sofia, Canakale
* Short stop in Skopje and continue on the road to Bulgaria.
Then we continue the journey to Turkey passing through Edemir (former capital of Turkey) to reach Canakkale around the European part of the city, where is located the ancient city of Canakkale otherwise known as Troy.
Continuation of the ferry trip where we pass in the Asian part of Canaka, where the city center is located.
Accommodation in a 3 star hotel in the city center. Free time to rest and then, in the company of the guide we visit the famous coastal city for the battle of Ataturk that changed Turkey into the state it is today, where among the attractions mention the Trojan horse (in the city center), the boulevard lungomare, etc.

DAY 2.
* After breakfast, continue the trip to Izmir.
Upon arrival in Izmir we visit the Izmir Botanical Zoological Park (the largest in Turkey). Spread over an area of ​​450,000 square meters, the garden is built to visit in real habitat over 2600 wildlife from 138 different species.
An experience not to be missed.
After visiting the zoo (located on the outskirts of the city) we are accommodated in a hotel in the center of Izmir.
In the company of guides we continue visits to the city such as Konak Square, Izmir Hour, Boulevard by the sea “Lungomare”, etc.
Visits continue to the attraction “Elevator”, an old tower built since 1907 when for years it served as a link between the Riviera of Imir and the former city built on the hill. Nowadays, the tower with the old elevator inside, offers a 360 degree landscape of the city of Izmir.
* Free evening to walk on the seaside boulevard “Lungomare”, where there are numerous cafes and restaurants.
* Accommodation in a 4 star hotel in the center of Izmir.

DAY 3.
* Breakfast at the hotel.
* After breakfast at the hotel departure in the direction of Pamukala to enjoy the wonders of nature – the thermal baths of Pamukala.
Along the way we will make a stop in the ancient city of EFES, which dates back to the 5th century BC, visit the CELSUS Library which was built in 114 – 135 it is the second largest after Alexandria and represents the pinnacle of thought Hellenistic Architecture.
* After visiting Ephesus, continue the journey to Denizli (the city of Pamukkale). Arrival in Pamukale where we visit the world famous thermal waters of Pamukale, otherwise known as the Cotton Castle. Also visit Cleopatra Pool and the cotton hill.
Free time to enjoy, go to the beach and wash in the blue water of Pamukala.
Accommodation in a 4 star hotel in Denizli
Afternoon visit to the city of Denizli

DAY 4:
* Breakfast at the hotel
After breakfast we depart for the City of KAPADOKYA (Cappadocia). Arrival in the city of balloons and accommodation of 4 star hotel in Cappadocia.
Free time to rest.
At the request of the group opportunity to try the experience of flying with balloons (Cost 80 euros / person). Flying with balloons walking on the wavy desert and rocky caves of Cappadocia, will be a life experience that will be deeply engraved in your memory and feelings.
Free evening to enjoy the magical city.

DAY 5:
* After breakfast at the hotel we start visiting Cappadocia
* In the company of guides we will visit:
Goreme Open Museum and Goreme National Park, which are considered the heart of the city. Then the visits continue to the open museum Zelve and the unique experience of 2 underground cities like Kaymakli and Derinkuyu.
The tour then continues by visiting the Devrent and Zemi valleys, to end with a visit to Urchisar castle.
* Free afternoon to walk and enjoy this wonder of the World.
* Accommodation in 4 star hotel in Cappadocia

DAY 6:
* Breakfast at the Hotel
* Departure then to the capital of Turkey, Ankara.
Accompanied by guides visit the main attractions of Ankara such as Atatürk Mausoleum, Kocatepe Mosque and free time to have lunch.
* Continuation of the trip to Istanbul. Stop along the way for holidays and coffee.
Arrival in Istanbul for dinner and accommodation in a 4 star hotel.
* Free evening

DAY 7:
* Breakfast at the hotel.
After breakfast in the company of guides we start the tour of Istanbul and head to the most beautiful spots of this city.
The tour begins with a visit to the Blue Mosque (one of the symbols of Istanbul’s greatness),
to continue with the Church of St. Sophia with magnificence in the Orthodox world (the peculiarity of which is that inside it you will find elements of the church and mosque intertwined, as the church of St. Sophia was turned into a mosque for several centuries p

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