► Thethi Guide is a guideline that fits all age groups and is organized in such a way as to give pleasure to everyone. On the other hand, being convinced that the more we walk, the more opportunities we have to see different natural beauty, we tried to arrange attractive and workable trails.



  • ►19-20 , 26-27  October
  • ► 2-3 , 9-10 , 16-17 , 23-24 , 30 November- 1 December




First day:
* Departure takes place Saturday at 06:00 from Tirana to Coffee Flora. Roads for coffee and photographs will be made on the way. The first stop will be Qaf Thore 1700 m high, one of the highest points on the way to Theth. The alpine Albanian alpine landscape offered at this height will be a unique postcard for your memories.
* After stopping at Qaf Thore, continuing the trip to Theth. After our hostel accommodation in the respective rooms at your request, our housekeeper has offered us lunch with caracteristic cookery in the area.
* After lunch we go to “The Eye of the Blue”, where during the walk we will make stops in different countries. “Canyon of Gurrash” with the face of the mountain carved in it by nature and not by human hands, and “Natural Lakes” will be the miracles of nature that will accompany our journey.
A crystalline water in the midst of greenery during the walk to the “Eye of the Cloud” and the noise of the river that accompanies us always will make the landscape even more beautiful.
* After visiting the small lake (Blue Eye), we return to the village. Free afternoon, organizing volleyball sensations.
* For dinner we are waiting outside, at home, as always with traditional dishes.

The second day
* On Sunday after enjoying a village breakfast we will head for the “Waterfall of Grunas”, which is quite unique in its kind. One of the largest waterfalls in the Albanian Alps, Grunas Waxing has been declared a monument since 2006. Theth exploration closes with a visit to the Detention Tower where we will travel through the history and canon of Lek Dukagjini.
* After lunch (free), the last meal with traditional northern cooking goes to Tirana. During the coffee break in the city of Shkodra.
* We arrive at dinner around 21:00


You should know that:

►We charge include:
1. Transportation by the program Tirana – Theth – Tirana
2. Accommodation 1 night in the guesthouse in Theth (each room with private bathroom)
3. Lunch and dinner of the first day with traditional cooking in Thethi
4. Breakfast the village the second day in Theth
5. Our guide that will accompany you throughout the journey


► Accommodation and accommodation will be in the guesthouse in Theth.

► The departure will take place at 06:00 on the morning of the first day, from Flora coffee.


► Accessories and clothing for a comfortable ride:

For this trip, you should take with you:
– Suitable footwear for the mountain
– Long-dressed sweater for the evening
– Backpacking
– Jerseys while walking along the paths outlined in the program
– empty bottles to fill with water during visits to Theth. It is advisable to drink plenty of water while walking in picturesque Thethi, due to sweatiness.


► We do not include:
1) Second day’s lunch


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