All Inclusive In Korfuz, 3 Days €79

Day One: Departure from Tirana at 22.00 a night before and travel to Corfu via Igumenica by bus and ferry. Short breaks along the way. Arrival at Corfu at 10.00. Accommodation and All Inclusive at the Hotel.

Second Day: All Inclusive at the Hotel. Afternoon, Guided Visit to the City of Corfu.

Third Day: Departure from Corfu by ferry and via Igumenica to Tirana. Arrival in Albania.

Departing on every Friday in June.

From January 1, 2018, all Hotel Greece rates apply.
Clients MUST pay directly to the Hotel.
Taxes are:
• Hotel 5 *: € 4.00 per room per night
• Hotel 4 *: € 3.00 per room per night
• Hotel 3 *: € 1.50 per room per night
• Hotel 2 * and 1 *: € 0.50 per room per night

More Details: Free of charge include:
-Travel tour - bus and ferry ride.
-Hotel facilities at Hotel Telemachos 2 * S and Messonghi Beach 3 * S
-All Inclusive for all days of stay.
-Visit with an Albanian companion in the city of Corfu ..


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