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    Cruises in the Greek Islands and Kusadasi, 6 Days €419

    First Day, Sunday: Departure from Tirana at 14.00 and bus trip to Athens. Short breaks along the way. Second Day, Monday: Embarkation at the Celestyal Olympia Cruises.. Departure at 11.30. Lunch at Cruises.. Dismissal on Mykonos Island at 18.00. – Optional outings in Mykonos. Stay on the Island until 23.00. Dinner at the Cruises.. Third […]

    Cruises in Barcelona, ​​6 Days 469

    First Day: Departure at 03:00 by bus from Tirana. After carrying out border customs operations in Muriqan, the continuation of travel along the riviera of Montenegro. There will be an uninterrupted crossing from Bar, Budva and Tivat, where by ferry the Kotor Bay will be crossed. Continue to travel by bus to the Croatian territory. […]

    Beach and Crociere in the Greek Islands, 8 Days € 699

    Included in the fee are: 1. Accommodation in Crociere Celestyal Crystal 2. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at Kroçiere. 3. Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks Unlimited, Blue Sheet. 4. Performances, Karaoke, Disco Dinner, Sauna and various activities at the Crociere. 5. Going – Buses to Oia Village, descending on Santorini. 5. Excursion and Visit to Ephesus when […]

    Cruises in the Greek Islands and Kusadasi, 5 Days €349

    Dita e Parë: Nisja nga Tirana në oren 14.00 dhe udhëtimi me autobuz për në Athinë. Pushime të shkurtra gjatë rrugës. Dita e Dytë: Mbrritja në Athinë. Transferimi në Port. Imbarkimi në Kroçieren Celestyal. Nisja në orën 11.30. Drekë në Kroçiere. Zbritja në Ishullin e Mykonos në orën 18.00. – Shëtitje Opsionale në Mykonos. Qëndrimi në Ishull deri në 23.00. Darka […]